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Greater Houston, TX


Industrial Painting in Houston, TX

At Perfect Painters, we specialize in large-scale industrial painting/ coating and industrial applications. It's a major part of our business. That’s why we’re continually making ourselves better each and every step of the way to remain the leader in industrial paint and industrial coating that we’ve become.

Every day this industry is changing, and Perfect Painters is right there on the edge of that evolution, exploring new technological innovations and techniques at every opportunity. We invest heavily in both our equipment and employees to ensure we’ve got the latest gear and the knowledge to use it properly and efficiently. Every one of our employees is highly-certified with all the right training and certifications necessary to ensure quality work is produced on-time every time.

We don’t stop there. Perfect Painters has gone out of its way to educate and instill in all of our employees in the latest safety standards, practices and guidelines, while also providing them with the proper tools and personal protective equipment to stay out of harm’s way.

Houston's harmful climate has been one of the reason's our services are vital.  We contract with refineries, machine shops and industrial warehouses etc.

Give us a call today about the paint and coatings you need for your next project and find out why we’re one of the best contractors in Houston.  Let us earn your business!


Heights Exterior Painting

We had the privilege of painting The Pennebakers home. Great family! They wanted Emerald Paint and that's what we used.