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Greater Houston, TX


Fence & Deck Staining in Houston, TX

Houston Climate can be cruel to your Wooden Fence or Deck. Moisture, Sun and Rain on the common enemies of your outside wood. If you don't properly protect these investment, will begin to fall victim to the elements in as little as six months. They will begin to fall victim to start looking grey. This process starts making the wood bow up or just deteriorate. If you fence or deck is (lightly/heavily) covered with Alga or mold, Perfect Painters can bring your weathered wood back to life in almost all cases.

The staining process involves a two system approach…before staining we will clean the Alga and Mold off with our Eco-friendly Solution. This keeps the integrity of the surface from being compromised. Pressure washing is necessary ONLY if there is heavy mold to be removed before-hand. Don’t let someone with good intentions blast your fence. This often leaves stroke marks as well as fuzzes up your fence giving it a pulpy look.

After the wooden fence or deck is cleaned and completely dried we apply the stain that will help to beautify, protect, and preserve the wood. On a hot summer day, this is often a same day process. However, during fall or winter we will often need two days to complete this accordingly. Our special in-house mixture that is applied includes a mildewcide, UV protectant, and waterproofing agents which will prolong the life of the fence or deck.


Heights Exterior Painting

We had the privilege of painting The Pennebakers home. Great family! They wanted Emerald Paint and that's what we used.